TODAY: California Officially Re-Opens

Today, California turns the page and officially “re-opens” after what was arguably one of the most difficult and dark years in the state’s history. The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on Californians, impacting our health, economy, and overall way of life. As we re-open, here are three things you may want to know:

Face Mask Requirements Will Relax for Fully Vaccinated Californians

California will finally align itself with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on masking per guidance from the California Department of Public Health. If you are fully vaccinated, California is ending its mask mandate (in most cases) today, June 15, 2021. However, you should know that businesses can still require customers to wear a mask. And if you are not fully vaccinated, masks are required in all indoor public settings and businesses.

Where You Are Still Required to Wear a Mask Even if Fully Vaccinated

Despite the overall relaxing of mask mandates indoors for fully vaccinated individuals, everyone will still be required to wear a mask on public transit, indoors in K-12 schools, child care and other youth settings, health care settings, state and local correctional facilities and detention centers, homeless shelters, and emergency shelters. Last but not least, the California State Capitol will continue to require masks. For anyone entering the Capitol building, masks must stay on at all times, social distancing remains in effect, offices are not required to be open to the public, and a maximum of 500 members of the public will be allowed in each day.

Workplace Obligations Different than Members of the Public

Workplaces will be under a slightly different timeline. The present emergency regulation regarding COVID-19 workplace obligations will remain in effect until the Cal/OSHA Standards Board vote on June 17, where the Board is expected to approve a loosened version of the emergency regulation. Though it would normally take 10 days for such a vote to go into effect, Governor Newsom suggested yesterday he will sign an Executive Order after the Board votes on the 17th to make the new standard effective immediately. Stay tuned for CalChamber’s update summarizing the final emergency regulation and Governor’s actions later this week.

Until then, I look forward to seeing more friendly faces (without masks) … at least outside of the Capitol. Stay safe and get vaccinated if you can.

Adam Regele, Senior Policy Advocate